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ARISE Attendance System Terms of Use

This site is intended for parents and providers to track daily child attendance for families receiving child care assistance through the Utah Department of Workforce Services (Workforce Services or Department) and may be used to track attendance of children in private-pay families.

The information contained on this site is private and any unauthorized use may result in program disqualification and other sanctions under state law. The information in this system may be shared or disclosed as required or allowed by law.

The sign-in and sign-out records of families approved for child care assistance will be shared with Workforce Services. Private-pay records will not be shared.

Attendance in a child care facility does not constitute a guarantee of payment from Workforce Services.

Each user is responsible for the accuracy of the information the user enters in the attendance system. Knowingly and intentionally falsifying records may result in program disqualification and criminal prosecution. If a parent or provider delegates access to anyone else to enter, validate, or modify attendance, the parent or provider will be responsible for any incorrect information provided by that other individual even if the error was unintentional.

Each user understands that if there is a discrepancy between parent and provider sign-in or sign-out times, the system will default to the parent reported sign-in or sign-out times. Workforce Services has the right to override the times in instances established by the Department.

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